Our vision:


Shaping everyday moments to create unique learning experiences.




Our Mission

We deliver learning experiences for young people and adults to become enterprising, resilient, adaptable and agile individuals. Read here



Our Impact

We work with marginalised groups in society in partnership with educational institutions, businesses, charities, community groups and local authorities to reach different communities and improve access to employment.



people engaged

in activities across South Yorkshire ranging from workshops, public events, pop-up shops  and markets. 



ideas brought to life

through a journey of  training, product development and trading.



Makerpreneurs supported

to re-engage with long-term employment or self-employment. 


Our Programmes

AALFY delivers a variety of learning experiences across South Yorkshire introducing participants to new technologies, enterprise education and the future world of work. These programmes range from short-term to long-term and can be accredited or non-accredited learning.


108 The moor

Our unique creative space at the heart of Sheffield Retail Quarter with the aim to be an innovative learning environment to explore live workshops addressing areas such as STEM, digital literacy, entrepreneurship, creative arts and employability skills.



A non-accredited 5 weeks training programme supporting participants to develop the creative mindset of a maker and the resilience of an entrepreneur. This programme is delivered as part of the adult education and alternative provisions contracts delivered to communities across South Yorkshire.

LeaRN Create Sell

An accredited 12 weeks programme combining training, product development and trading to introduce participants to digital fabrication and entrepreneurship.


Ar' City: Sheffield

Ar' City Sheffield launches in 2019 as a week long festival of creativity led by young people across the city, supported by local businesses and for all Sheffield folk.


Get Involved

For anyone that's passionate about exploring new ways of learning, wants to be a part of community of explorer and pioneers in the future of education or if you just like what we do and feel you can share some time with us. Please feel free to drop us a message.


Find out about a Programme

Enquire about current training programmes, workshops and events.                                          

Volunteer opportunities

Come and help us reach our vision of  exploring the future world of work through unique learning experiences.

Buy Social

The Learn Create Sell shop is our way of becoming sustainable as an organisation and showcasing the talents of our learners.